The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has published a Federal Register notice announcing additional Section 301 tariff exclusions for certain imported Chinese products appearing on List 3. These products have been subject to Section 301 tariffs since September 24, 2018, when President Donald Trump announced additional import duties on Chinese goods with an annual trade value of approximately $200 billion.

This batch of approved product exclusions covers two 10-digit Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) subheadings in their entirety and 117 specially-prepared product descriptions covering 156 separately-filed exclusion requests. The two HTS subheadings are 8425.31.0100 and 8708.93.7500, which involve electric motor winches and certain clutches and parts thereof. The specially-prepared product description exclusions include but are not limited to: various categories/types of imported fish and seafood products; certain silica, oxides, herbicides, and fertilizers; certain laundry detergent powder; types of “supported catalysts” for certain chemicals, carbonates, sulfides and oxides; certain biodegradable plastic bags; certain disposable gloves; certain polyester rugs and fabrics; certain types of rear-view mirrors; certain non-woven fiberglass and polyester composite panels; certain toilet paper holders of brass with chrome or nickel finish; certain items for use on recreational vehicles (RVs); certain industrial sewing machines for footwear; certain types of bath and shower faucets; certain water pressure balance valves; certain pressure regulating valves of brass; certain types of printed circuit boards; certain types of electrical adapters, plugs and extension cords; certain non-motorized bicycles and trailers for towing behind bicycles; certain kayaks of high-density polyethylene; certain upholstered seats and parts of seats consisting of fabric or leather; certain steel lockers, display racks or tables; certain bamboo furniture; certain luminaries with light-emitting diodes (LEDs); and, certain electric household table, floor and desk lamps.

These product exclusions will be retroactive to September 24, 2018, and remain in effect until August 7, 2020. These exclusions apply to any product that satisfies the description in the annex of the Federal Register notice, regardless of whether the company using the exclusion filed the request. Each exclusion is governed by the scope of the HTS heading and the product description appearing in the annex of the exclusion notice; it is not governed by the product description set out in any particular exclusion request. U.S. Customs and Border Protection will soon issue instructions on entry guidance and implementation. USTR will continue to issue determinations on pending requests on a periodic basis.